Crossing points

Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

To explain the blog title. I have recently begun to learn how to draw the Celtic Knot design. This is made up of different ‘threads’ weaving over and under each other with no beginning or end. The resulting picture can describe one’s life. It is eternal – no end in sight. At each ‘crossing point’ the path leading under can be a time in life where things did not go so well. The path leading ‘over’  a different time when all was flourishing and happy.

I use this pattern to converse with God about these times. It is a useful tool to review how we have dealt with events that maybe hurt or embarrass or even scar us.  To take the opportunity to ask for healing, forgiveness, release from fears and upsetting memories. Also to remember blessings, joy, amazing revelations of love and grace. Give thanks and praise. Not something to be rushed.  Dwell in the presence and gaze on the beauty of Jesus. The emphasis is not on creating a piece of fine art but of conversing with my Heavenly Father – that means listening too!


About Hazel

Newly retired from 'going out to work for someone else' - now working for myself and my Maker. Someone once coined the phrase 're-tyred for service' I like that. Not thrown on the scrapheap but being useful in a different way. I enjoy pointing out remarkable things to friends. Events that happen, sights and sounds that delight - or possibly provoke other reactions? Words, pictures, music are a large part of my life here in beautiful Scotland. A Jesus-follower I consciously include him in all my days' events by way of an inner conversation. Maybe this has a lot to do with living alone? My thought processes are frequently uninterrupted and lengthy. I have a grasshopper mind by way of engaging in many interests including nature, photography, music, art, craft, words (reading and writing) history, cooking . I have possibly forgotten some. This blog is a record of the 'crossing points' in life as I see it in 21st century Scotland and then maybe sometimes a word on the 'bits in between' the ordinary and hum-drum moments that we all experience, viewed through the lenses of what may be called a quirky mind. I don't worry if you hop in and out of the journey or stay with me for the long haul. let's see what we find on the way.

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